Crystal Noir & The Obscurity take stage in Queens, NY

Heavy rock band from Brooklyn will be taking the stage at Blackthorn in Queens this Friday! Doors open at 7:30! Tickets are $10. Info about purchasing tickets is posted below. Crystal Noir & The Obscurity will be joined by SYKA from New Jersey, and Plague of Humanity from New York.

Crystal Noir & The Obscurity is a 3 piece “alternative rock” band from Brooklyn, NY. They have recently came together in early 2014 to form the band and have since been releasing singles, music videos, and playing shows across the NorthEast. Quite impressive! Guitarist Binx, puts on a wild show. RTP writers have seen him perform at legendary venue Webster Hall in NYC. Binx completely owns the stage and keeps the audience mesmerized while he riffs on his classic black Gibson SG. We encourage you to go see him and the band in action!


At their last show they did an even more gothic version of The Doors song “People Are Strange.” Crystal can really sing! We are hoping to hear another classic rock cover from this band at their upcoming shows! This band is epic! Go see them live!

There is also an after party for anyone who saves their show ticket. It’s at the Cybertron “Everyday is Halloween” event.

When: October 24th, 2014, Doors @ 7:30
Where: Blackthorn 51
Address: 80-12 51st Ave, Elmhurst, New York 11373
Tickets: $10, 18+ Email CrystalNoirBand@gmail.comOTHER UPCOMING SHOWS:


David Craft’s New Music Video & Melbourne Tour

Folk singer-songwriter, David Craft recently released his debut music video titled “Smokey Lungs & Dirty Puns.” Filmed in North Perth, AUS, this video features a local performer named Lily Roberts. The song itself is soothing and the video is captivating. It’s a very simple video with just a steady “A roll” that focuses on Lily. Towards the end of the video the camera pans out to see the room Lily is standing in as confetti rains from the ceiling. 

From Youtube: “The official music video for the title track of David Craft’s début record ‘Smokey Lungs & Dirty Puns.’
Shot by Lewis Potts and starring local performer Lily Roberts.”  

David Craft is currently on tour in Melbourne. Dates are posted on his facebook page



Ben Stalets announces Ohio Tour Dates


“I’d Rather Be in Ohio” Tour Dates: 
08/29/14 – 
08/30/14 – COLUMBUS, OH – HOUSE WITH NO NAME – 8:00 
08/31/14 – DAYTON, OH – BLIND BOBS – 9:00 

Ben Stalets recently released LP “Winds Blown Cold.” It’s a wonderful collection of Ben’s folk songs. This record features a slower version of his song that was originally titled “Caroline No. 2.” On this record it is titled “Caroline (O-Hi-O).” (The new version is similar to the youtube video performance above.) The strings that are featured in this new version of the song are absolutely stunning and give a new vibe to this song. You can feel Ben’s loving emotions towards “Caroline” and his home state “Ohio.” Ben’s voice and song is captivating. Go see this guy live and get his new record on iTunes! It’s also available to be streamed on spotify. 

Keep up with Ben Stalets here: 


DIY Superstar, Seth Corbin records & presses his own Album

Seth Corbin is a anti-folk singer-songwriter based in London, England (Yes! Seth’s got an awesome English accent). The cool thing about Seth Corbin is that Seth is completely DIY. Seth records original songs on an “old school” 16-track, creates original album artwork (with a sharpie marker), and presses CD’s at home. Seth says it’s a time consuming process but extremely worthwhile. Below Seth describes his process: 

At the moment I record everything in my folks’ attic on my Yamaha AW16G 16-track. I learnt how to record when I was about 16 at my granddad’s house. Avoided school ‘work experience’ at some crappy supermarket and worked at his house learning how to use recording equipment instead.


My recording procedure is really old school. I don’t use a computer and everything is done in a whole take – no cutting or pasting production – everything gets adjusted via my 16-track. 
Process of making the CD’s is: 

1. Buy blank CD’s and sleeves 
2. Make the CD’s covers 
3. Photo copy the covers 
4. Cut up the covers and put them into the sleeves 
5. Burn the track listings onto the CD’s using itunes 

It’s a time consuming but worthwhile process.”  

In the pictures below Seth Corbin is pressing 2011 LP “Songs to Eat Pizza and Cry To.” You can stream this record on bandcamp. 

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 unnamed-3  unnamed-5


More recently Seth Corbin released a preview of upcoming EP titled “Why is Social Anxiety Ruining My Life and Why Am I Drinking So Much Beer?” that can be pre-ordered via bandcamp. There is one track you can stream on this EP to preview it before pre-ordering it. It’s called “The Alcohol Song.” This short but extremely catchy song discusses alcoholism. It’s a dark song that talks about a serious topic that many artists don’t dare talk about. The chorus is insanely hooky and I’m sure Seth will get the crowd singing along at upcoming live performances.  


August 22nd, 2014: Bohemia Hackney – London, UK (facebook event)

Visit Seth Corbin on facebook:


Post-Punk Pop band “Dot Dash” features Steve Hansgen from Minor Threat

Dot Dash is a “post-punk pop” band the formed in Washington, D.C. in mid-2010. They have released 3 LP’s on Canadian independent label The Beautiful Music. Dot Dash’s current line up consists of: 

Terry Banks – guitar, voice; (ex-Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst)
Steve Hansgen – guitar; (ex-Minor Threat, Government Issue, Modest Proposal)
Hunter Bennett – bass; (ex-Julie Ocean, Weatherhead)
Danny Ingram – drums (ex-Swervedriver, Strange Boutique, Youth Brigade)

Here’s a little bit of history involving guitarist Steven Hansgen and Minor Threat: There was a brief period in Minor Threat where Bassist Brian Baker switched to playing electric guitar instead of bass. Steve Hansgen played bass for Minor Threat during Baker’s bass-hiatus in 1982/1983. After recording the Out of Step LP, Hansgen was out of the band, and Minor Threat returned to it’s original lineup. Steve Hansgen plays guitars in Dot Dash and is the newest member of the band. 


The members of Dot Dash come from different backgrounds of music. Some pop and some hardcore punk. The two genres combine beautifully to create a sound that is retro, raw, and feel-good. We don’t understand how somehow could dislike the sound of this band. 

You can download a free MP3 of “Faraway” via bandcamp. This song was released in September of 2012 on the “Winter Garden Light” LP and will be re-released in upcoming independent documentary Kelly & Cal this September (2014). We especially love the background harmonies in this track – you may even find your self singing to them! 

If you dig “Faraway”, get Dot Dash’s 3rd full-length 10-track album titled “Half-Remembered Dream” from bandcamp for only $7 released in August 2013. This was their most recent release. We recommend listening to the song “(Here’s to) The Ghosts of The Past.” This song brings us back to early punk and to the 1980’s. This catchy song will have you both dancing in your living room and singing the hook at the top of your lungs. There is also a free download of “(Here’s to) The Ghosts of The Past” available on bandcamp

Dot Dash reminds us of a mix of The Buzzcocks, The Smiths (but way less depressing), The Only Ones, and the Go-Betweens. 

Sept 17, 2014 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, Maryland, USA (flyer below, facebook event)

Visit Dot Dash on facebook:

Inside Karen Dezelle

KAREN DEZELLE is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter that we absolutely adore! Here’s the inside scoop of Dezelle’s experience in the Los Angeles music scene and as an indie-artist who has moved from city to city. You can catch Karen Dezelle live at the Hotel Utah on Friday, August 22nd in San Francisco.
RTP: What age did you first get into music and what age are you now? 
KD: I was very young when I first got into music. I was one of those toddlers who would just stop and stare at musicians. I was transfixed by it and I just knew I wanted to be a part of that magic. I have one vivid memory of playing a toy piano in our back yard when we were still in Texas and my mom picking up on the fact that I was in a different place when I was doing that and asking if I wanted to take piano lessons. That was when it all started. The singing started as soon as I was talking, and they couldn’t get me to stop. I’d get in trouble for it in school all the time. The performing started when we were in Trinidad around 13, and I think I first picked up a guitar around that time too. 
RTP: What is your most favorite music venue that you have performed at and why? 
KD: I love the Witzend and the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles because of the intimacy of the venues and the acoustics of the rooms. I have very happy memories at both places too. The Witzend is the first venue I played in LA and the artists I have met backstage there tend to be really wonderful- supportive and warm. I remember one singer telling me before I went on, “OK Karen remember they are on your side.” We had met like 5 minutes before but there was just an instant understanding and something about that venue and the artists that play there, I feel like everyone is family immediately. Also some of the pubs I played at in college in London – Crossroads and the Ain’t Nothin’ But Blues Bar, just because of the memories and who was there. 
RTP: We notice that you have moved around quite a bit. Did your career take off when you got to Los Angeles or in a different place? 
KD: A lot of the writing and composing were done before I moved here in San Francisco and London. The recording, performing, everything else involved definitely took off more in Los Angeles.  I have to try to create the space here to write because this city is buzzing all the time and there’s so much going on, it’s hard to slow down. I’ve had to make a conscious effort to hide out and just write. The Songwriting School of Los Angeles has been a great place for me to do that, the teachers and students there help me catch that calm so I can return to the writing, which is the part I really love. 
RTP: How would you describe the Los Angeles music scene for a singer-songwriter trying to make it in the industry? 
KD: It’s actually pretty wonderful. I have been pleasantly surprised  by how collaborative and supportive the other artists I have met here have been. A lot of my friends here are musicians and we are always writing together, going to each others’ shows, just having dinner parties and jamming. We keep each other grounded and inspired. Los Angeles is an interesting place, and a lot of it has to do with who you chose to work with, but one thing I love about it is that it tends to attract people with big dreams who have the courage to pursue them and I think when you are open to it, people really want to help you. 
RTP: What is your biggest dream as an artist? 
KD: To write the best songs I can, as much as I can, with the hope that people are moved by them and feel more connected to themselves and to each other as a result of hearing them. 
RTP: What advice would you pass on to other indie artists? 
KD: My advice would be to stay connected to the original reason you wanted to make music in the first place and let that be your compass to guide you through the wilderness.  And stay connected to others – everyone has something to teach you and there are stories, building blocks for your art, everywhere. 
Upcoming Tour Date:
August 22nd, 2014 @ The Hotel Utah in San Francisco, CA

Keep up with Karen Dezelle here:

Free MP3: Karen Dezelle – “You Got Me”

Karen Dezelle is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. She has released “You Got Me” for free via soundcloud. Dezelle has performed at legendary music venues and festivals including the House of Blues and SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. Her sound is a smooth combination of indie rock and pop that resembles Jewel, Rilo Kiley, and Norah Jones. “You Got Me” starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar that automatically captures the listeners ear. Dezelle’s voice is calming and serene and can serve as a lullabye. Tune in with Karen Dezelle and download the track via soundcloud!


Upcoming Tour Dates:
August 22nd, 2014 @ The Hotel Utah in San Francisco, CA

Keep up with Karen Dezelle here:

You Got Me