Something Left to Say

Jared Rabin’s new album, Something Left to Say, grips the soul immediately. We enjoyed it, and we think you will too.


Jared Rabin is a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Illinois with a degree in Jazz. He plays guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo and “a few other things.”

His first solo record, which is also self-produced, features 9 songs in which he is playing nearly every instrument (aside from the drums) and singing. The instrumentation is very impressive and the vocal sits beautifully on top of it. “Eight Trips Around The Sun”, Jared has it all going on! You can get his record on BandCamp for only $8.

Catch Jared at his record release show in Chicago on December 4th at Martyrs. Tickets can be found on his site.

Soundcloud Link. 


Emmy’s Unicorn: “not Dead Yet”

Emmy’s Unicorn is a boy/girl duo from the United Kingdom featuring Emmy-Lou Kay and Mr. Ronz. They just released their debut EP titled “not Dead Yet.” In the past, the bands demo tapes had gotten some attention on BBC R1 and BBC6 music. This inspired the duo to work on a professional release. Although there is not much information about Emmy’s Unicorn on the web, we can tell you that their sound is beautiful. Combining acoustic guitars, pianos, and harmonies, Emmy’s Unicorn came on to something magical in this 4-track EP.  Our favorite song is “Save Me From Myself.” It carries the most raw emotion in the vocals starting with the lyrics “I’m going to drink myself to death.” Give NOT DEAD YET a listen! We can’t wait to hear more! 





Track Listing: 

1. Not Dead Yet
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. Save Me From Myself
4. If I Had A Gun 

Fans can listen on soundcloud! This album is for sale on amazon and for streaming on spotify.


DIY Superstar, Seth Corbin records & presses his own Album

Seth Corbin is a anti-folk singer-songwriter based in London, England (Yes! Seth’s got an awesome English accent). The cool thing about Seth Corbin is that Seth is completely DIY. Seth records original songs on an “old school” 16-track, creates original album artwork (with a sharpie marker), and presses CD’s at home. Seth says it’s a time consuming process but extremely worthwhile. Below Seth describes his process: 

At the moment I record everything in my folks’ attic on my Yamaha AW16G 16-track. I learnt how to record when I was about 16 at my granddad’s house. Avoided school ‘work experience’ at some crappy supermarket and worked at his house learning how to use recording equipment instead.


My recording procedure is really old school. I don’t use a computer and everything is done in a whole take – no cutting or pasting production – everything gets adjusted via my 16-track. 
Process of making the CD’s is: 

1. Buy blank CD’s and sleeves 
2. Make the CD’s covers 
3. Photo copy the covers 
4. Cut up the covers and put them into the sleeves 
5. Burn the track listings onto the CD’s using itunes 

It’s a time consuming but worthwhile process.”  

In the pictures below Seth Corbin is pressing 2011 LP “Songs to Eat Pizza and Cry To.” You can stream this record on bandcamp. 

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 unnamed-3  unnamed-5


More recently Seth Corbin released a preview of upcoming EP titled “Why is Social Anxiety Ruining My Life and Why Am I Drinking So Much Beer?” that can be pre-ordered via bandcamp. There is one track you can stream on this EP to preview it before pre-ordering it. It’s called “The Alcohol Song.” This short but extremely catchy song discusses alcoholism. It’s a dark song that talks about a serious topic that many artists don’t dare talk about. The chorus is insanely hooky and I’m sure Seth will get the crowd singing along at upcoming live performances.  


August 22nd, 2014: Bohemia Hackney – London, UK (facebook event)

Visit Seth Corbin on facebook:


Top Indie EP of June, Ross Palmer – “Reassurance EP”


We rate this EP as the top indie EP to come out in June, 2014. It’s exploding with deep emotion and intense energy. Ross Palmer’s vocals and lyrics have so much feeling that they travel straight to the listeners soul. You can feel every word he says, you can feel how he feels. We are deeply impressed by how raw and real these four tracks are. Track One: “Reassurance” can be related to emo/post hardcore bands like Karate and Jets to Brazil. Track Two picks up the pace yet still follows the mood of the first track beautifully. Track Three seems to be entirely different, splitting the record up. It is less of an emo-indie anthem and more of an acoustic pop love song. “You seem to me like someone who can teach me to believe…” Ross Palmer’s emotions are still evident in the track regardless in the shift of styles. Track Four completes the record as it musically relates back to Tracks One and Two. Give this EP a listen, you will not regret it!

“Ross Palmer is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer/producer and music blogger, living in a south-east London. On his 30th birthday his heart failed and he was told he would physically impaired for the rest of his life and may need a transplant. Instead, over the next year he got better, and decided to make the most of his second chance. He writes songs; performs, records and mixes them himself; plays drums for Sumner; records and produces artists including Yo Zushi and James McKean; blogs at Songs from So Deep; supports Tottenham Hotspur; and drinks black coffee.”

LISTENRoss Palmer, Reassurance EP


These Knees release “The Young and the Bright”

Indie band, These Knees, led by singer-songwriter, Stephanie Trivison released an incredible indie-pop album called “The Young and the Bright.” This album is filled with hooks. Each song is well produced but not over-produced. This record was released in September on Bandcamp and is available for purchase. Stephanie’s vocal style is similar to Paramore but the music is very different. The singing is confident and strong and very easy to listen to. There are elements of rock, punk, pop-punk, and pop in the music but the singing is strictly pop vocals. All music and lyrics were written by Stephanie Trivison. “Break Science, Make Art” (track 4), has a melodic guitar solo that will blow listeners away! Enjoy this new record and please buy it to support indie music!

“The New Year” (track 6) is the perfect anthem for today!





Since coming out as transgender in his early teens, motivational speaker and singer/songwriter Ryan Cassata has become a powerful, globally recognized advocate for equality, bullying and related LGBT issues for one simple reason: “I didn’t want any kids that were in the position I was in to feel alone in their journey.” Gaining initial renown for his appearances on Larry King Live, The Tyra Banks Show and ABC’s “Heads Up,” the multi-talented 19 year old has toured the U.S. frequently, addressing thousands of high school, college and university students on the importance of acceptance. His advocacy has earned him features in several prominent magazines and he was the youngest keynote speaker ever at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference of 2012.

A charismatic live performer as well, Ryan often brings his acoustic guitar along and performs shows for the audiences after his speaking engagements. His evolution as a singer, songwriter and recording artist these past few years has been as extraordinary as his onstage appearances. His latest release, the quirky and infectious Jupiter, It Won’t Be Long: The Acoustic Sessions, Volume 3, is the third in a series of releases featuring Ryan’s powerful vocals and acoustic guitar. He launched his recording career at 16 with his debut EP Distractions and the full length The Theme of Humankind. After recording his follow-up, The Rhythm (which featured his friend and producer Kenny Truhn on electric guitars, bass drums and backing vocals), Ryan launched the acoustic EP series this past year with Oh, Alexis and In America.

Finding the all-acoustic presentation to be raw, liberating and more true to himself than his previous ensemble recordings, Ryan launches Jupiter, It Won’t Be Long with the playful one minute tune “I Don’t Really Wanna Go To College” before fulfilling his goal to make this a more dark and honest reflection of some of the things that have affected him personally over the years, including stark looks at drugs, crime and things that make us think the world is coming to an end. “Sobering Up” is a hard edged tune about his stepbrother who died of a heroin overdose at 16. As Ryan proclaims, “We’re all addicts to something when we’re strangers to pain.”

The title cut uses all sorts of astronomy metaphors to describe the effects of drug use, while “Dear Lucas” is a heartfelt reach out to a friend in Ryan’s adolescence who flipped out during music camp and had to be institutionalized for a time. “It’s me saying that I would have helped him had he reached out,” the singer says. Balancing darkness with light, “The Mob’s Rolling Cadillac” is a story song about the mafia stereotypes that are part of growing up an Italian-American on Long Island—and the way crime families perpetuate that lifestyle. An anti-addiction song, “Liberation” finds Ryan offering hopeful advice to young adults who think they will find themselves by doing drugs. “Freedom is in your mind,” he says. “Nothing can make you happy until you find joy inside yourself.”

The youngest openly transgender artist to play a date on the Warped Tour (in Los Angeles this year), Ryan is an increasingly popular force at some of the world’s most prominent gay music festivals, opening for artists such as Karmin, Salt N Pepa, Frenchie Davis, Chris Crocker, Tom Goss and others. In addition to headlining at renowned club venues in his adopted hometown of San Francisco (Sacred Grounds Café, Mutiny Radio Café, 50 Mason Social House), Los Angeles (the legendary Whiskey A Go Go) and other cities, he has performed on shows with The Click Five, Austin Gibbs, Jeff LeBlanc, Madina Lake, Kevin Seconds, Allison Weiss, Ace Enders and others. He also composed the soundtrack for “Loop Planes,” an award winning indie film that screened at forty film festivals, including the South By Southwest Film and Music Festival (2010), the Tribeca Film Festival and the International Israel Women’s Film Festival (with The Runaways).

“When I go onstage, I’m up there to play songs for people that are real and true,” Ryan says. “It’s an opportunity to go wild and I’ve developed a lot of different set lists so that every show is different. The one consistency is that I absolutely love performing more than anything else. I like to entertain people. My main goal is to take people away from the bad things they’re going through and bring them happiness for the 30 minutes or so that they allow me the opportunity.”



“Real Boy vol.1” CD Release Party in Long Beach

Joe Stevens of folk-band Coyote Grace and musical partner Bennett Wallace will be rocking Viento y Auga Coffee House in Long Beach, California on November 29th, 2013. Bennett Wallace, an incredible singer-songwriter, will be releasing his debut record “Real Boy Vol. 1.” The songs on this record are incredible and filled with raw emotion. Joe Stevens and Bennett worked very hard on the recordings and can’t wait to show the world. Please join upcoming artist Bennett Wallace and rockstar Joe Stevens in this special CD release! Pick up the CD to support indie music!

Facebook event:
Ben’s Facebook:

“Born and raised with the wind, a lover of tall trees, humanity, and the open road, Bennett has been writing songs since the age of 12. “Real Boy” is Ben’s first project, recorded and produced with Joe Stevens of Coyote Grace at the Second Story Arts Collective over the blazing hot Sacramento summer or 2012.”

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