Ryan Cassata’s New Band

Ryan Cassata and his new band titled “Ryan Cassata & The Rhythm” released their first video as a band earlier today. They performed live at Amityville Music Hall on Long Island in late August for their debut hometown show. They will perform this Friday in Brooklyn at Legion @ 9:30 PM.

The song is titled “In The Business” and seems to be about finding out that your girlfriend is a hooker. The crowd goes wild as they put their hands up in the air and sing along to the chorus. It looks like everyone had a great time! We hope that they will release more footage from this show and from their show in Brooklyn this Friday because we like what we are hearing and seeing.

The band line-up is announced on youtube in the description:

Ryan – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jordi – Electric Guitar
Acadia – Bass
Destroy – Drums”

The band is all transgender. They have made youtube videos announcing this as well. Their most recent is here: