Metaxas – Selene


Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Last time we checked in with Aaron West he was at a payphone calling to his ex-wife Diane. Now he’s at the same payphone calling to his mom asking her what year he’s late dad’s mustang is, turns out it’s a ’67, Cherry Red. When his mom answers the phone he can still hear his dad’s voice. He keeps having flashbacks about summer’s with he dad driving the mustang.  As he pleads to his mom on his acoustic guitar about some debts that he’s in. (probably from the divorce) He then puts an ad in the paper, and gets an offer on the car. A man calls named Robert and tells him that he had a car just like that when he was younger. The man’s wife passed on and the car had a lot of memories, when he went to see the mustang he had the same look in his eyes as Aaron’s dad when he drove it. Robert doesn’t have enough money for the car but, Aaron still trusts him because, he knows that Robert will love the mustang as him as he dad did. We can only hope Aaron’s life goes up from here find out May 20th when his new album drops called “Bittersweet”.

– Written by Mr. Brightside.

Ryan Cassata Interview: SHINE


International singer/songwriter and proud Transgender activist, Ryan Cassata has just released his 4th full length album “Shine.” Here’s some questions that I have asked Ryan about his new music and what’s behind it.

RTP: Two of your songs on this album have more of a hip hop/rap feel to them, what made you go into this direction?

RC: “I wrote Check Engine on my guitar. I just randomly started rapping over what I was playing and I recorded it and thought “well, this isn’t a bad idea for a song.” Then I decided, why not do up this track and put it on an album? I showed it to my producer, Barb Morrison, and the rest is history. Barb loved the track and we decided to produce the song in a hip hop fashion and put it on the album. “

RTP: For someone that has never heard your music before describe “Shine”
in three words.

RC: “It’s for everyone.”

RTP: What is the meaning behind your song “Don’t Count Me Out?”

RC: “I wrote “Don’t Count Me Out” about a boy that I grew attracted to. We shared some romance but the distance sort of got in the way. I wanted to tell him that I liked him regardless of the distance and that he shouldn’t count me out of a relationship with him.”

RTP: You already did a music video for your song off the album “Bedroom Eyes,” if you were to pick another song off the album to do a video
which  one would it be and why?

RC: “I want to do a music video for “We’re The Cool Kids” and highlight all different types of young people in it. I think it would be a cool way to show that even though we are all different, we are all the same too. “

RTP: What made you decide to name the album “Shine?”

RC: “I named the album Shine because we say “Shine” a lot in a couple of the songs, “Shine On” and “Hot Springs, Arkansas.” It’s a theme of the album.”

– By Mr. Brightside