She’s Gone – Martin Kirwan

A beautiful song about a girl who leaves.


Gentle Ben & The Rising Tide


RTP: What’s your full artist name and where can we find your music?

GB: Gentle Ben & The Rising Tide ~

RTP: You’re part of the transgender community, right? How much of your music reflects that? 

Yeah, I began transitioning in 2012, and I’d say that most of the music I’ve written since then reflects an aspect of that journey to some degree. Writing has been a really awesome way for me to process and share my experiences, hopefully into something that is relatable to all kinds of people, not just those of us in the transgender community. At the same time, I hope that my music resonates with people struggling to come to terms with their identity and helps them through that.

RTP: Are there other artists in the transgender community that inspire you? Who are they? 

GB: I feel inspired by my community in general because it takes a lot of guts to live your truth. I started my transition listening to a lot of Joe Stevens, Ryan Cassata, and Skylar Kergil. Those guys, in a way, gave me permission to exist, because I saw myself in their experiences and was able to recognize myself in their art.

RTP: What’s your favorite song on your album? Why? 

GB: My favorite song off of my new album is ‘For My Family’. I guess it’s my favorite because I really love my family and despite all the crazy things we’ve been through I wanted them to know that I’m alright and I’m grateful for all of it.

RTP: What are you hoping to achieve by releasing this album? 

GB: I wrote the songs on ‘Worth The Weight’ to help me through my darkest days. I was basically singing myself into believing that everything was gonna be okay. So I’m releasing this album with the hopes that it might do that for somebody else.

RTP: Is there anything else you want to tell us about this album? 
GB: I had quite a few talented folks playing on this project with me, so if you like what you hear I encourage you to check out all of the music that my friends are making too. Shout-out to Joe Stevens, River Glen Band, and Alex Andrews for making me sound so great.



Pop rock band Six Stories Told opened up for Popstar session, Aaron Carter on January 20th at Planet Trog in Whitehall PA. The band is made up of lead singer Joanna Derosa, guitarist Jesse Sheppard, bassist Adam Peters, and drummer Tyler McDermott. Six Stories Told originally from New York has already opened for Aaron Carter numerous amounts of times, as well as joining pop rock band Hollywood Ending on their tour in the UK recently.

The band stole the crowds  hearts with their upbeat tunes and Joanna’s powerhouse vocals, they also got the crowd pumped with their 1D cover. The song that they closed their set with was their smash hit “Take Me Away,” which you can check out on the band’s youtube page as well as iTunes. With Six Stories Told’s constant tours and rapidly growing fan base, the band is making a name for themselves in the US and worldwide.

Written By – Mr. Brightside

Sam Hale, When In Roam


RTP: When does your EP come out and what songs are on it? 

Sam Hale: My debut EP, When in Roam, is officially available on all major online distribution channels on February 19, 2016 (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp).
The songs on the EP are as follows:
1. When in Roam
2. I’ll Wait
3. Atypical Romance
4. Candles Wick
RTP: How long did it take you to write it? How long did it take you to record it?
Sam Hale: I wrote these songs over the span of a month and it took me 4 days to track and mix the songs at Love Juice Sounds Labs in Riverside, CA. The EP was finalized in late December of 2015.

RTP: What are the songs about?
Sam Hale: I would say the majority of my songs during this period of time had to do with self reflection and love. 2015 was a year of transition for me, and writing these songs helped me realize a lot of what I was feeling inside.


RTP: What’s this song about?

KS: It’s about being stuck in a situation where you can’t do what you love but accepting it because you know you’ll get there.

RTP: Is this a situation that you have been in?

KS: In high school I really wanted to just not do school and just make music but I needed to graduate in order to go to the city (San Francisco) and now I am here and it’s awesome.

RTP: You’re a street musician, where can people find you busking?

KS: Haight Street, Dolores Park, & Powell Street Station

RTP: What’s this song about?

KS: It’s about a girl that Emoney and I thought was hot.

RTP: How do you know Emoney?

KS: We grew up together in Sonoma, CA and I just came over to his house to play music one time and he thought that we should do a song together.

RTP: What’s your favorite thing about music?

KS: It’s ability to cross cultural lines and age lines and everything lines…and bring people together for a cause whether it be funny or serious.

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Inspirational Rap by Jaimie Wilson

“Hold On, Hold On…”

We asked Jaimie what this song is about:

I wrote this song about society’s pressure to fit in. Being female to male transgender, I have always struggled with trying to make others happy but I want to show that it’s okay to break free and create your own happiness. I’m hoping with this song I can bring the community together and encourage others in similar situations to be true to themselves. In the chorus I sing “hold on” and by this I mean to stay strong and be YOU in a world that tells you to be something else.

The Noise FM – Next To You

Chicago indie rock band The Noise FM have enlisted The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Ghostbusters, various X-men and more iconic action figures for an amazing stop motion music video set to the band’s cover of The Police classic “Next To You.”

The video was created by the band specifically for two Noise for Toys benefit concerts that they hosted over the 2015 holidays and the band will be opening up for Hemmingbirds at Schuba’s on Friday, Feb 26: