Transgender Activist and worldwide music session Ryan Cassata, just released two new tracks with a hip hop twist. The first track “Celebrate” was posted on his youtube page the track starts out with some upbeat and peppy piano chords and drum beats. While  Ryan feels the background with his creamy and sweet vocals. Then the song breaks out into a rap by “Deadman Cyph.” This song is definitely one you would want to play at party or just hanging out  driving around town with some friends.

The next song is “Look at the World” (featuring Tormentdead and Jon Jeremy)  This song is about how the world is not as great as it seems, and that people need to work together to bring back peace instead of all the violence that is going on in today’s world. Ryan busts out his inner Macklemore with  some serious rapping skills,  you can really hear the passion in his voice. Check out the song by signing up for his mailing list at ryancassata.com

– Mr.. Brightside


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