“Give My Heart Away” – Motherfolk

Crowds gathering to see and lines gathering to meet this new indie band named “Motherfolk.” This music video captures Motherfolk’s time at a large music festival.


We suggest watching the video so you can see the stage moves and the band in action.

“Never going to give my heart away!”



Westpoint is a new alternative rock band from Kingston PA, formed in 2013 by four gentlemen Dana, Mike, Jonah, and Pat. According to their bandcamp page the four have released a cover of “Undead” by Memorial Day, five track EP “Dive,” and three demos. The demos can be described as grunge, while they’re EP has more of an 90s alternative rock feel to it.

The band has already gotten some leverage over the past year playing local sold out shows in PA, as well as playing music festivals from Atlanta to Boston. Last August Westpoint played at The Wrecking Ball music festival, where they played alongside household names in the alternative punk music scene like “Descendents” and “The Get Up Kids.” With the band already having that much under their belt in a little over a year, they are definitely making their way up the latter of success.

– Written By Mr. Brightside

Anthony Da Costa with new EP!

We’re very happy to announce that Anthony Da Costa is back with new music! He just released “Spring” EP. It’s amazingly beautiful – lyrically, musically, vocally. We dig it and we think you will too.

Jam it on bandcamp!


“This is a 4-song EP that I recorded a year ago this month. It was previously released as an exclusive bonus for attendees of my “Secret Handshake” album release show. Now, I release it to all of you!

“Ordinary Man” features lovely NYC songstress Margaret Glaspy and was also featured on the recent Revival Tour compilation.”

The Shades Live Session while Driving!

The Shades are a pop trio from Chicago Illinois featuring Andrew DeMuro, and brothers Phil & Mark Jacobson. The band piled into a tiny 2016 Fiat to perform and release their new single “Take You Home” while driving on the road. Take You Home is a catchy pop song with a beautiful hook that you will definitely be caught singing later.


“I’ve had this idea in mind for a long time,” says Shades guitarist and songwriter Phil Jacobson. “We hit it off with the Big Foot Media team right away and they were very excited to produce this. We hope people enjoy it.”

The ‘Take You Home’ video premiered on November 24th as American Songwriter Magazine’s ‘Daily Discovery’ and can be viewed publicly on the group’s YouTube page.

Here is the Shades taking us home: