It’s that time again folks!
Get your dancing shoes and spectacles on because this is the 4TH SECOND SUNDAY! thanks to all you lovely people!

This month we have music by

Whoraigh Kayado (guitar/amazing singer)

James Mitchell (Jazz piano)


the rocking full band 
Mr. Ben and the eye birds!

Art by the RAD
Luca Mcgrath

Come at 6pm sharp to see the first act!

6-8:30(ish) at the FOG LIFTER CAFE

Can’t wait to see ya there 🙂


Pandafan, the All Girl Harmonic Trio

New York Metro Area all girl band Pandafan has released their newest songs “Bird Song Part 1 & Part 2” and “Tides, They Know” via Bandcamp early this month. Bird Song Part 1 & 2 is very intricate. Tides, They Know is a short song but it still shows off their beautiful harmonies. Their harmonies are extremely impressive and keep the listener hooked. Their sound is triumphant, uplifting, and brave. They sound a bit like a female version of Simon & Garfunkel.

Bird Song Part 1 & Part 2 & Tides, They Know


The original lineup did contain a male singer and it seems, through video performances on youtube, that he was the lead singer of the group. The original lineup was Grace Denatale, Delaney Hafener and Joe Mineo. Joe Mineo eventually left the group, leaving room for Vanessa Grasing to join the band, making the group a female trio. Below is the original lineup of the band, performing “London.”

Pop Artist From The Bay Area: Jenna Lavoie

We wanted to take the time today to introduce our readers to an upcoming artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her name is Jenna Lavoie and she writes beautifully catchy pop songs on a ukulele. We recommend giving the song “You Were The One” a listen on band camp. Her ukulele skills are simple but her voice is just beautiful! Jenna has been performing and songwriting for a number of years. She recently performed at Viracocha for Fog City Songwriters series.