Folk-Singer Ryan Cassata’s movie “Songs For Alexis” appearing worldwide


“Ryan is a passionate and talented 18-year-old musician with long hair, a lip ring, dark glasses and loose jeans, who rarely lets his acoustic guitar slip from his side. He met his 16-year-old girlfriend, Alexis, during summer camp the year before and they fell madly in love. After appearing on a television talk show, Ryan’s popularity as a musician grows and he becomes a bit of an icon in the transgender world (he began his transition from girl to boy four years earlier). But his girlfriend’s parents disapprove of their relationship and the pair must confront the harsh realities of the adult world. Alexis will have to choose between her family and the man she loves. This is an inspiring coming of age story about two teenagers who, with surprising poise and resolve, try to assert their identities in a sometimes unwelcoming world.”
– Juan Baquero (Hot Docs, Toronto)

Songs For Alexis, follows folk-singer, Ryan Cassata in his pursuit to follow young love. Songs For Alexis was directed by Elvira Lind and released earlier this year at Hot Docs in Toronto. This documentary film has recieved an incredible 7.4 star rating (out of 10) on IMDB. This month Songs For Alexis is traveling around the world and will appear in Chicago (Reeling Film Festival), London (Raindance Film Festival), and Sydney (Mardi Gras Festival).

Tickets for Reeling (Chicago).
Tickets for Mardi Gras (Sydney).
Tickets for Raindance (London).

Songs For Alexis features a soundtrack made up of all of Ryan Cassata’s original songs. The most popular song being “Oh, Alexis” which also plays in the movie’s teaser. The soundtrack can be purchased on itunes. Cassata performed “Oh, Alexis” live at Hot Docs Film Festival and Frameline38. If you can’t go out and see the movie, pick up the movie soundtrack!



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