Release: “Oh Great Rose” by Monuments and Statues


From Kingston, Ontario comes folk-pop band Monuments and Statues with their beautiful sounding new-single “Oh Great Rose.” This song acts as a teaser to the upcoming LP titled Fractals which is expected to drop in February 2015. “Oh Great Rose” has the perfect male and female harmony part throughout the song. We especially love the vibe of the banjo! All you folk-rockers will love this!

You can stream the song through soundcloud:

“Oh Great Rose!” features heavily intertwined vocal harmonies backed by rhythmic banjo and the eventual buildup of layered cello. Written in the midst of personal upheaval, “Oh Great Rose!” is a breezy number with a folksy figure, reflecting the vulnerability of love. Monuments & Statues’ overall sound owes much of its influence to vintage Mother Mother, Sufjan Stevens, romantic era classical music, and Simon and Garfunkel.

We can’t find much info about Monuments and Statues online but their music is great and we are looking forward to their upcoming record! Banjo on!

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Kyle Cox is releasing “The Plan, The Mess” on Double Vinyl

We reviewed Kyle Cox’s new LP a few weeks ago. We are excited to announce that Kyle Cox has linked up with Something to Break Records and is releasing his wonderful work of art on vinyl. Side A/B is pressed on standard black vinyl and Side C/D is pressed on milky white vinyl. There are 3 songs on each side. Each record that is pre-ordered will come with a free digital download of the album. Only 300 copies of this 150-gram double-vinyl are to be pressed and each will be hand numbered. Add “The Plan, The Mess” to your collection, Pre-order now!

It seems that vinyl is making a come-back as indie artists are beginning to release on vinyl at a higher rate. Vinyl is the best form of listening. It’s more clear. It’s more real. It’s tangible.

“Mike Marsh of the Avett Brothers worked with indie-artist Kyle Cox to record an album called “The Plan, The Mess.” This album, recorded in Nashville, is set to release on September 30th, 2014. Feel like you can’t wait ’til September to hear this record? You can stream one song called “I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You” on American Songwriter Magazine. Kyle Cox has been featured in this magazine 5 times and is the only aritst to win their lyric contest twice. This particular song placed 3rd in the magazine’s most recent Lyric Contest.” – Rock The Pigeon