Bless The Child – Dollii

The “Bless The Child” music video is finally here! It’s a DIY style video with music by Dollii. It’s psychedelic and funky containing some radical dancing. The music is great – something you can dance to or chill out to. It is perfect for the soundtrack of the last few minutes of your party when everyone is starting to fade. Enjoy!

Music Video:
Filmed By: Bonita Tindle
Edited By: Bonita Tindle and Dollii Williams
Choreography By: Andrew Abel Gomez
Dancers: Brandon Samuel & Robert Gilbert

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Best unheard album of 2013


As 2013 comes through its easy to reflect on the great pop albums of the year, Kanye West’s “Yeezus” or Beyonce’s “Epic” are albums that will be stuck in our heads for a long time. However there are may more albums that came out this year albums that didn’t have the opportunity to get as much exposure, and the best of these by far was bedroom folk act Beachmoon/Peachmoon’s new album “Flee to the Sea.” Released in September it was the perfect mellow mood that reminds you of going back to school but ditching class to smoke pot, in other words it rules. “Philosophy at 23 at 24” is an amazing track, truly beautiful the lyrics, the finger picked guitar, and the sounds included make a wonderful mesh that I feel captures the epitome of post-modern music. This song amongst the many others really displays what is a perfect production style, the production of the album enhances  the music but does not butcher to a point where it is no longer what it is suppose to be; in other words I love the way the songs sound recorded but I can still tell they would sound this way live if that makes sense. Any way Beachmoon/Peachmoon has become a favorite of mine and I hope to one day see him live, he has written and produced what is definitely the best album of the year.

Flee to the Sea = 10/10

Ben Stalets – “Caroline No. 2” Music Video

Folk singer-songwriter Ben Stalets from Ohio writes an Ohio-anthem titled “Caroline No. 2” that chants “I’d rather be in Ohio!” The song immediately hooks you in with its first line. The video is wonderfully filmed and even shows Ben on his motorbike and walking around the woods. Ben Stalets sounds like a mix of Bob Dylan and Mumford and Sons with a bit of a folk influence that took place in Manhattan in the year 1960.

“From the Western bank of the Maumee river lies Toledo, Ohio, a factory town that laid the groundwork for Ben Stalets’ blue collar mixture of traditional country, blues and folk. His shit-eating grin gives way to a Hank Williams howl, a knack for storytelling reminiscent of your grand pappy, and a level of honesty only shared amongst life-long friends. Rough around the edges like your favorite pair of dungarees, he’s comfortable enough to joke, but close enough to tell the brutal morning-after truth. Finger picking and a dose of the truth set up an endearing sound that reminds one of the pain, but gives way to the nice buzz that makes them feel comfortable enough to talk about it.”

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Bless The Child (Teaser) – Dollii

“Dollii, is an independant and resourceful musicisan/music producer. His mission is to create an experimental sound that makes people feel good.” – Facebook

Dollii is a young and prolific electronic songwriter and singer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dollii releases songs constantly and always puts a smile on listeners faces. He is currently building up a small following around California and even beyond. He is working on a music video that will be released when his teaser video (posted above) reaches 200 views. Please support this amazing independent artist by passing the video around to your friends.

You can hear more of Dollii’s music here on bandcamp:

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Amrit Kohli releases “Oceans” via BandCamp

Amrit Kohli releases “Oceans” via BandCamp

Amrit Kohli, a bay area singer-songwriter, has a very unique way of singing and playing guitar. His music is very relaxing and epic sounding. His guitar sounds big, gorgeous, and powerful. His voice is reminiscent of a prettier sounding Garret Klahn of Texas Is The Reason. The song is of “epic” length finishing in 11 minutes and 49 seconds. Your ears will be pleased and your soul will feel peaceful yet emotional while listening to this great track. Enjoy! 

Buy the recording here for $1: 
The soundcloud link is posted through the click through link. 

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Danny Murillo of When Everything Meant Anything covers “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” in an exciting way


Photos by Kyle Tucci

Danny Murillo of When Everything Meant Anything cover “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” in an exciting way

Above photos: When Everything Meant Anything performing at Even Flow on November 23rd, 2013.

Lond Island singer-songwriter, Danny Murillo, of When Everything Meant Anything covered a Christmas favorite “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” on soundcloud. This is a Christmas cover for those with punk rock and anti-folk souls. Definitely follow the link to check it out.

Danny recently released his debut LP: “Reckless Commendations” which we definitely recommed. Danny is an incredible singer-songwriter. Many of his songs contain hooks that are bound for stardom. His music resembles Ace Enders and Brand New but in a new and flavorful way. Fan favorites are “A Valentine’s Gift for Sally” “The Zebra Song” and “Let Go.”

Danny has recently been seen playing at the music venue, Even Flow on Long Island. He was playing with Zack, the guitarist from Long Island punk band, Tip the Truck. Zack played drums with Danny. The crowd sang along and marched their feet to “Let Go.” Danny was encored after his last song. The crowd chanted “Zebra! Zebra! Zebra!” hoping that Danny would play his most popular song that was left out of his set. Fans were delighted when Danny started playing his legendary song. Everyone sang along and left the show with a smile. Listen to the Zebra Song.

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New Singer-songwriter out of SoCal: Lea Beiley


New Singer-songwriter out of SoCal: Lea Beiley

Lea Beiley is a singer-songwriter out of Southern California that visited San Francisco last Friday to play with the Common Thread Collective on Mutiny Radio at Mutiny Radio Cafe. Beiley impressed the quaint audience and was asked to “play one more song” twice in a row. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the intricate and funky guitar patterns behind the smooth voice.

New music will be released early 2014. Stay tuned. We are expecting something incredible.

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