Chicago pop country group “Falldown” releases a music video for their single “I Will Go.” This is the bands first music video release. The DIY-style video was directed by Matt Silver. In the video the band is performing in various locations around Chicago. Falldown is a Chicago based country group comprised of members from previous bands: The Redwalls, Safe Haven, and The Hue.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Friday, October 4 @ Tonic Room (w/ The Crane Wives)
Wednesday, October 16 @ AliveOne Chicago
Saturday, November 2 @ the Old Town School of Folk Music

Follow the band: http://falldownband.com/


Steel Cranes: New Album, Tour, “San Francisco Artist of the Month” via Deli?


Oakland two piece band “Steel Cranes” are competing against three other Bay Area bands on The Deli SF Bay Area’s “San Francisco Artist of the Month” Poll. They are currently behind in the poll but their music is definitely ahead of the other bands.

Recently the girls duo released full length album: “Ouroboros.” This ten track LP consists of rhythmic rock and punk drums, screaming guitars that are simple, and vocals that sound like a combination of a more aggressive Meredith Brooks and a more confident Joan Jett. Some songs from the record also resemble Fiona Apple.

The album is loud, outright, and raw. The album isn’t overly produced and it’s sonically pleasing. You should expect big things from Steel Cranes.

The Steel Cranes kick-off their North American tour tonight in Olympia, Washington at Le Voyeur. On October 1st they will be appearing at Baby Bar in Spokane, WA. Tour dates can be found on their facebook page and on their official website. (links posted below).

Vote for Steel Cranes: http://sf.thedelimagazine.com/snacks
Follow Steel Cranes: https://www.facebook.com/steelcranesband
Website: http://steelcranesband.com


ALBUM REVIEW: The Calling – EP by Defiance Ohio

The Calling – EP by Defiance Ohio
Record Label: No Idea Records

The Calling - EP

Track 1: “The Calling” — Rating: 4/10
Track 2: “I’m Against the Government” — Rating: 9/10
Track 3: “Call It a Comeback” — Rating: 6/10
Track 4: “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity” — Rating: 8/10
Track 5: “Bad Ideas” — Rating: 7/10
Track 6: “I’m Just Gonna Leave Now” — Rating: 7/10

Favorite Track: “I’m Against the Government”

Compared to previous Defiance Ohio records “The Calling – EP” doesn’t come across as well. The title track doesn’t give much boost for the record and perhaps tracks one and two should swap places. “I’m Against the Government” seems like a better track to start off the record with. It will get the listener excited for the rest of the record.

The best song on the record is “I’m Against the Government” where the band sounds more like a punk-rock band than a folk-punk band. In this one particular recording, one may even compare Defiance Ohio to The Strokes.

“Call It a Comeback” may take you back to 80’s or 90’s new wave. The album would probably flow better without this song. This song should have been saved for a single or an LP.

The emotion of “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity” comes through the most clearly. This song is the most real and raw on the record. The soft folkish singing sets a feel-good vibe.

“Bad Ideas” follows “Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity” well but we wish it were longer.

“I’m Just Gonna Leave Now” finishes up the album well and makes the listener beg for more. The violin and drums were dead on in this song. The original Defiance Ohio can definitely be found in this song.

Overall the record is above average but doesn’t compare to the previous recordings of Defiance Ohio.

Support the band: http://defianceohio.bandcamp.com


These are RTP’s favorite indie/DIY albums that are currently out.


Defiance, Ohio – “The Calling”
Top Song: “I’m Against The Government”


Houndmouth – “From the Hills Below the City”
Top Song: “Houston Train”


strawberryJAM – “Strawberryjam”
Top Song: “Stone Angel”


When Everything Meant Anything – “Reckless Commendations”
Top Song: “Anthem”


Paul Baribeau – “Grand Ledge”
Top Song: “Ten Things”

Infidelities – Affirm and Avow (Official Music Video)

Long Island hit indie-rock band releases “Affirm and Avow.” Infidelities have been together since early 2011 and are thriving in the Long Island Music Scene. Their hometown influences range from Taking Back Sunday to Brand New to Glassjaw.

Infidelities are:
Michelle Turk – Vocals @MichelleInfidel
Robert Palmowski – Guitar @robertpalmowski
Stephen “Big Daddy” Illiano – Bass
Michael McCarthy – Drums @killerfly