For The Children

Manifest Destiny out of New York is out with a brand new mix tape called “For The Children (FTC).” The tape dropped 4 days ago and each song has over 13,000 listens on soundcloud. Deadman Cyph and Philo$oul are the main artists on the collaboration project produced by A.Cache. We rate this album 10/10. Our favorite track is “Death Callin.”

A word from Deadman Cyph:

“Manifest Destiny Worldwide is Long Island’s premier musical collective, especially after the debut of their collaborative effort “For The Children(4TC).” The group comprises music artists Deadman Cyph (@DeadmanCyph) and Phil$oul(@ManifestNY); who are backed by in-house executive producer/sonic engineer Aaron.Cache(@A.Cache). Being inspired by the quintessential experience of growing up and then seeing how the world has changed(a recent spike of killing of children in Brentwood, Bay Shore, and Riverhead), these artists have captured a broad palette of emotions and frequencies. Manifest Destiny is just getting started on a run of music that will debut late 2016 into early 2017.For the Children is , for the children , by the children . We want to put the power of art , self express and freedom back in the hands of the children . the children represents the idea of pure innocence and creativity that we had as children .  Philo$oul dropping his debut ep in December called “MF Soul” . Deadman Cyph dropping a solo mixtape  “cryMeAriver” in December 2017 .”

Don Gallardo – Hickory

A voice like honey…

Catch him in concert…

**Nov 26-Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
**Nov 28-Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC
**Nov 30-Pourhouse Music Hall, Raleigh, NC
**Dec 1-The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
**Dec 2-Snug Harbor, Charleston, NC

*w/ The Battlefield
**w/ Cordovas

Ryan Cassata’s New Band

Ryan Cassata and his new band titled “Ryan Cassata & The Rhythm” released their first video as a band earlier today. They performed live at Amityville Music Hall on Long Island in late August for their debut hometown show. They will perform this Friday in Brooklyn at Legion @ 9:30 PM.

The song is titled “In The Business” and seems to be about finding out that your girlfriend is a hooker. The crowd goes wild as they put their hands up in the air and sing along to the chorus. It looks like everyone had a great time! We hope that they will release more footage from this show and from their show in Brooklyn this Friday because we like what we are hearing and seeing.

The band line-up is announced on youtube in the description:

Ryan – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jordi – Electric Guitar
Acadia – Bass
Destroy – Drums”

The band is all transgender. They have made youtube videos announcing this as well. Their most recent is here:

Carey Ott – Nacona

Carey Ott out of Nashville, TN has just dropped his newest album titled “Nocona.” Carey Ott is from a small town called Ottawa, IL and spent time traveling around the United States and found Nocona, TX.

“I always knew I would leave Ottawa, Illinois. Many people never leave their birthplace. That’s cool for them. But I guess guys like me and Ryan have that wandering spirit in our blood. Nocona is my nod to Ottawa and Perryton, TX (where Ryan is from) and all these humble places that raise weird people like me. There’s a lot of heart and soul in these small towns you’ve never heard of. In some way I guess I’m coming back home. But soon enough I’ll be back on the road, wandering. I’ll never stop. I can’t stop. It’s what I do.” –


Nocona has a beautiful sound that all listeners will enjoy.