TALMA Releases “Lifeline” About Lonliness


Talma is a rock band based in London! This song “Lifeline” is about loneliness. The song reminds us of The Smiths – so great! The band sounds amazing together. It’s always refreshing to hear real instruments vs all programmed instruments. Listeners can feel the soul of the band in this recording. So great – we had to listen to it twice in a row!

“Lifeline explores the juxtaposition of being surrounded by millions of people – for us, in London – but still feeling a sense of loneliness every day. There are moments where it seems no-one can see you, yet everyone is watching you. This paranoia can drive people away from the city, and so we look for lifelines to tether us to the places we try to call home.” – Frontman Henry Adams

Next Live Show: Feb 24th, 2018 – Camden Assembly, London

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Minnesota Emo Band, Remo Drive is Selling Out Clubs Across America

With over 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Remo Drive is gaining serious momentum after the release of their 2017 debut album titled “Greatest Hits.” They are packing out clubs across the United States with fans that scream their lyrics at the top of their lungs with pride.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to their sold out show in Los Angeles at the Moroccan Lounge a couple months ago. They sounded just as good as their record, distorted guitar riffs that make you move, lyrics that you relate to, and energy that hits you in the gut. Each band member crowd surfed after the band mentioned a tradition of crowd surfing at every live show. Fans lined up out the door to buy Remo Drive’s t-shirts and CD’s after the stage went silent.


Remo Drive is making classic sounding emo/post-hardcore music cool again. Follow them on their journey to stardom. It won’t be long until they are selling out huge venues across the world.

Remo Drive’s next major tour kicks off in March 2018: http://www.remodriveband.com/tour

AJ Salvatore Lights A Fire with “Ignite”

AJ Salvatore is quickly rising to success as his songs are gaining a lot of traction on Spotify and Youtube. He was featured in US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 playlists on Spotify recently. He has just released his new song on Vevo titled “Ignite.” He wrote this song and produced it. He was one of the top names you should be following right now!

For The Children

Manifest Destiny out of New York is out with a brand new mix tape called “For The Children (FTC).” The tape dropped 4 days ago and each song has over 13,000 listens on soundcloud. Deadman Cyph and Philo$oul are the main artists on the collaboration project produced by A.Cache. We rate this album 10/10. Our favorite track is “Death Callin.”

A word from Deadman Cyph:

“Manifest Destiny Worldwide is Long Island’s premier musical collective, especially after the debut of their collaborative effort “For The Children(4TC).” The group comprises music artists Deadman Cyph (@DeadmanCyph) and Phil$oul(@ManifestNY); who are backed by in-house executive producer/sonic engineer Aaron.Cache(@A.Cache). Being inspired by the quintessential experience of growing up and then seeing how the world has changed(a recent spike of killing of children in Brentwood, Bay Shore, and Riverhead), these artists have captured a broad palette of emotions and frequencies. Manifest Destiny is just getting started on a run of music that will debut late 2016 into early 2017.For the Children is , for the children , by the children . We want to put the power of art , self express and freedom back in the hands of the children . the children represents the idea of pure innocence and creativity that we had as children .  Philo$oul dropping his debut ep in December called “MF Soul” . Deadman Cyph dropping a solo mixtape  “cryMeAriver” in December 2017 .”

Don Gallardo – Hickory

A voice like honey…

Catch him in concert…

**Nov 26-Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
**Nov 28-Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC
**Nov 30-Pourhouse Music Hall, Raleigh, NC
**Dec 1-The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
**Dec 2-Snug Harbor, Charleston, NC

*w/ The Battlefield
**w/ Cordovas